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A Smart EV Charger with a Difference

zappi by myenergi has taken the EV world by storm. You only have to look at their extensive award list and featured in media list to notice they are causing quite a stir.

zappi is the world’s first solar compatible EV charger. This means that it can operate as an standard EV charger would, drawing electricity from the grid, just as your phone charger would but with a simple option selection, it is will draw 100% green energy from your solar or even wind generation.


At TLGEC we are all about maximising efficiency. Whether that’s your solar generation, storage of power or squeezing out every possible penny for your return on investment. As the zappi has the option to take energy directly from a solar PV system, your solar panel return on investment increases. The option to use with or without a solar PV system, makes it one of the most future proof EV charger products available.

Why zappi is the best EV charger available

zappi is an EV charger that boasts value for money. It’s affordable, ingeniously designed and easy to use. It’s also one of the more simple EV chargers to install. With its unique PEN-fault technology zappi eliminates the need for installing costly earth rods and takes just a fraction of the time to be up and running. For the customer, this keeps installation costs down.

In addition to this, zappi also carries the following features and benefits for customers;

The technical specifications for zappi can be found here on the myenergi website.

Start your journey to less dependence on the grid, and go green with solar. Our transparent approach has won us awards and hundreds of 5* reviews.

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