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We recommend the most effective and efficient systems to our customers.

It’s a trait that we are proud of and why we’re trusted by thousands of homeowners and businesses across the South East. After all, why invest in something that only does half a job?

Sunpower Maxeon Annual Degradation Rates Chart



SunPower Solar Panels produce 60% more energy in 25 years than other leading manufacturers


Choosing the right solar panels

When considering which brand of solar panels for your home or business, balancing quality, output and cost are typically the 3 key areas to focus on. High quality will often result in a higher energy output, which will, in turn, provide larger cost savings in energy over time.

We are big believers in value which for us means selecting high quality solar panels and solar inverters for optimum output. Every home and commercial property is different, as is every customer. We work with all our customers to find and install the best solution for them, providing cost and output comparisons between the solar panels we supply.

Panel Reliability

Why SunPower Solar Panels?

For more than 30 years, SunPower has been pushing the boundaries of innovation in solar energy. Their record-setting technology has inspired solar pioneers to break their own records – by air, land and sea. It’s this same spirit of innovation that drives SunPower to offer the best solar technology, day after day and why The Little Green Energy Company and our customers trust and recommend them with complete confidence.

The SunPower Complete Confidence Panel Warranty provides the industry’s most comprehensive 40-year power, product and service coverage for SunPower residential and commercial panels.

Each panel is manufactured with the absolute confidence to deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time—backed by extensive third party testing and field data from more than 35 million SunPower panels deployed worldwide.

View the SunPower warranty documents here.

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