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If you are a business that is thinking of investing in a ‘green energy’ power storage solution for your business then we can help. We can advise on the most suitable industrial-grade battery storage solution for your premises, whether its a bank of Tesla Powerwalls for your office server room, battery storage for solar panels, or a larger Intilion battery storage for a larger estate, like a farm, industrial facility, or retail park.

Official Tesla Commercial Powerwall Installers for Business

Intilion Commercial Battery Storage Installer for Business

We are approved installers for both Tesla and Intilion. In fact, we were the first company in the UK to partner with Tesla. Call us on 01622 832 834 to learn more about battery storage benefits and to discuss your energy storage requirements. Our team have extensive knowledge and can guide you through everything in layman’s terms. Including, how to finance your commercial solar PV and battery storage solution.

Commercial Battery Storage Benefits

Significantly reduce rising commercial energy bills

Reduce your carbon footprint

Win more contracts and improve your green credentials

Engage stakeholders an improve ESG score with an ESG-focused strategy

Help achieve your Net Zero targets

Insulate your company from grid energy price rises

Using battery storage, grid purchase during cheaper off-peak times

Show your customers you take sustainability seriously whilst also reducing energy costs

Business Battery Storage Features

Peak Shaving for Business Energy Storage

Peak Shaving

Discharge at times of peak demand to avoid or reduce demand charges.

Load Shifting is automatic your Business Battery Storage

Load Shifting

Shift energy consumption from one point in time to another to avoid paying high energy prices. Where applicable, this price optimization accounts for solar or other on-site generation.

Benefit from Emergency Backup with your Commercial Energy Solution

Emergency Backup

Provide intermediate backup power to your business in the event of a grid interruption. This function can be standalone or tied to solar.

Demand Response with your Commercial Battery Storage

Demand Response

Discharge instantly in response to signals from a demand response administrator to alleviate peaks in system load.

How Business Battery Storage Works

With solar energy and renewable energy technology being at the forefront of many conversations in commercial industries, it is important to understand how energy technology has evolved, and how it can benefit your business. 

Commercial battery storage is primarily used for storing excess solar generation in order to optimise your business’s energy independence from the grid. It does this by continually buffering the supply of energy being generated on the roof to the actual demand of the building. The two loads rarely match at any given time, so batteries are essential for system optimisation.

Intilion Commercial Battery Storage

Take Advantage of Off-peak Energy Storage

If your solar panels are not producing excess energy, or if you do not have solar installed, energy can still be drawn down from the grid and into your energy storage system at a cheaper rate during off-peak periods, which keeps overall business energy costs down. A suitable off-peak tariff will be required to achieve this, but is well worth obtaining as in winter months when the mornings are dark, it is an excellent way to extend the cheaper off-peak energy further into the day. 

Another function of battery storage known as ‘Peak Shaving’ provides extra power to the business if the grid supply is insufficient. It may be that the business energy demand has increased and that a grid supply upgrade is not possible or too expensive to consider. In these circumstances a battery can be deployed to charge up during quiet energy demand times and then deliver the extra power to the site when the peak demand exceeds the grid supply. The battery achieves this by monitoring the grid supply with an energy metre. Even if the grid supply is sufficient, businesses are sometimes charged extra for high demand during busy grid times, a battery can shave these high demand peaks by providing the power instead and mitigate the demand charges the energy company is seeking to apply.

Commercial Power Storage for Agriculture

Avoid disruption from Power Black-outs & Brown-outs

Commercial battery storage is also a way to build up a reserve of energy that you can tap into should there be a power outage or an issue with the energy grid. Think of it as a ‘backup safety net’ for your business. When you install solar panels you can divert excess energy into your solar battery storage solution, ensuring you are prepared should there be an outage. This means you can rest assured knowing your business will stay operational in the event of a black-outs (unforeseen power cut) or brown-outs (planned power shut-downs).

The current energy grid as it stands in the UK is under immense strain, and has been failing more frequently than before. It is likely that power outages and cuts will become the norm in the near future. Commercial battery storage systems can provide some important additional working time through a grid outage and the length of this will vary depending on the site load and stored energy available. It will be possible to shutdown less important loads in order to extend the battery run time and maintain business critical functions.

Two types of commercial battery storage

There are two main types of battery storage solutions we recommend to commercial businesses.

Intilion: Battery storage for larger businesses

Intilion Commercial Energy Storage

Intilion is our recommended battery storage provider for medium to large scale commercial installations with storage capacity from 154 to 616 kWh and inverter power up to 400kVA from their Scalestac system. The Intilion Scalestac system can be installed within the site building if there is sufficient space or built into a containerised system.

They also offer a slightly smaller battery storage unit with 73kWh nominal capacity and inverter power between 25-68.5 kVA called the Scalebloc. These smaller units can be connected with up to 16 in parallel to create a large system. The Scalebloc is fully outdoor rated with its own air conditioning system and communications. The Scalebloc can be deployed in any location to provide extra power to EV charge points or general site loads where the grid supply is limited.

Download the INTILION Battery Storage UK brochure for more information

Tesla Powerwall for Business: Battery storage for smaller companies

Office Battery Back-up using Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage is an energy storage system with a usable capacity of 13.5 kilowatt-hours. Up to 10 Powerwalls can be installed and linked in parallel to cater for greater energy needs (though one is adequate for the average home with standard energy needs, it’s enough for 580 cups of tea).

An in-built inverter sits on top of the battery pack within the Powerwall to convert the stored DC power from the battery into AC power to supply your home. The inverter can output the resulting AC power at 7kW peak or at a 5kW continuous rate. Again, Powerwalls can be stacked to deal with greater energy requirements.

In charge mode, the inverter converts AC to DC power to be stored in the battery. . The usable capacity of the battery is 13.5 kWh’s with 100% depth of discharge available, not all manufacturers are as honest with their battery stats and many only have a 90-95% depth of discharge Tesla Powerwall uses lithium-ion battery technology. Relative to other types of rechargeable batteries this means particularly high energy density (the amount of energy stored relative to battery size) and increased safety.

This is also the only liquid-temperature controlled battery on the market adding to battery life and efficiency. Being fully liquid managed means the battery operates at the optimum temperature regardless of external temperature.

We are approved installers for both Tesla and Intilion business energy storage solutions. We are the 1st UK company to partner with Tesla, as well as being the first to partner with Intilion. Call us on 01622 832 834 to discuss your commercial battery storage requirements and claim your energy independence. Our team have extensive knowledge and can guide you through everything in layman’s terms, including how to finance your commercial solar PV and battery storage solution.

Improve ESG with Commercial Battery Storage

Improve your ESG score with commercial solar energy battery storage

Investing in solar energy is an easy way to drastically improve your ESG scores. As a clean, accessible source of renewable energy, it makes sense to invest in commercial solar PV. 

There are many benefits to having a strong ESG score, other than helping reduce a company’s impact on the environment. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and many are starting to look for companies that reflect their values in caring for the environment. A strong ESG score is a great sales and marketing tool to attract more customers. 

Integrate business solar with commercial battery storage solution

Integrated solar PV systems 

The commercial battery storage systems are designed to work seamlessly with your commercial solar panels. Once installed, the system will work without interruption or needed maintenance from yourself. Combined, they can help your business leap towards ‘net zero’ targets

Finance your business solar and commercial battery storage

Cost of commercial battery storage

The cost of commercial battery storage systems vary depending on several factors, such as your energy consumption requirements, the available excess energy to be stored, installation area, power output requirement, as well as your ESG goals. These things all factor into the cost of your commercial battery storage system that we can discuss in depth with you. Green energy financing is available so get in touch to learn more.

Get in touch to learn more about Commercial Battery Storage

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Battery Storage

These are some of the most common questions we get about our various commercial battery services. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Where will the battery be sited?

Batteries can be sited either inside or outside the building, some are designed to be installed outside where as others may need to be positioned in an outbuilding or climate controlled container.

How big is a battery?

It depends on how much storage capacity is required to fulfil its function and could range from one independent unit such as the Tesla Powerwall for a small office, to multiple shipping containers to serve a factory.

What is energy arbitrage?

This is buying energy at a lower cost during an off-peak grid energy period and then using the stored energy during the peak time in order to reduce costs.

What is peak shaving?

This is where you store energy in a battery in order to prevent the site being charged for demand above a certain capacity. If the site demand threshold is going to be breached, the battery will discharge to reduce the load on the grid and avoid excess demand charges. It can also refer to providing extra power above what the site has access to, for example, a site may have 100A three phase supply, but require 150A. If it is too expensive/not possible to upgrade the grid supply, a battery can be installed to charge in quite times and then deliver the extra power when required.

What is time of use grid purchasing?

Charging the battery up as per energy arbitrage above.

Can batteries be installed on their own or do they require solar PV?

Yes, they can be installed on their own for any of the above purposes, but generally it is more cost effective to install them alongside solar PV.

Is battery technology going to change?

For the foreseeable future Lithium batteries will be at the forefront of energy storage. New developments are being worked on all of the time, but are not expected in the market soon.

Explore commercial solar PV and battery storage for your business. Speak to our team about claiming you energy independence, protecting your business against future energy price rises, and solar financing.

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