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We have installed commercial solar PV for

Commercial Solar Panel PV Clients in Kent

A recent commercial solar installation for W Robinson & Sons

Future-proof your energy bills & avoid power disruption

With the world moving away from fossil fuels and towards more sustainable forms of energy, it is no surprise that there is more demand for commercial solar PV now than ever before. The sharp increase in business energy bills, unpredictability in the global economy, and the fact that customers are now leaning towards green-focus companies who strive for ‘net zero‘, means now is the time to start thinking of investing in a greener future. Another way your business can benefit from commercial solar PV is through meeting your ESG (Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance) obligations. As one of the most trusted commercial solar panel installation companies in the UK, we have worked with many businesses in manufacturing, education, leisure, engineering, agriculture and finance, to help them go green and produce their own sustainable energy.

Commercial Solar Panel Installers

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Benefits of installing Solar PV for your business

The benefits to commercial solar installation for your business are vast, with the importance and demand for green energy increasing by the day. Opting for a commercial solar energy solution will enable you to:

UK Solar PV solutions - TLGEC

Our Commercial Solar PV Credentials

When undertaking a commercial solar PV project that will revolutionise your business, it is important to work with someone you can trust. Here at TLGEC, we have been helping companies take control of their power using a wide range of technologies. With a depth of expertise when it comes to commercial green energy, we can advise on the most suitable solution to suit your energy requirements.  Whether you are looking for industrial-grade roof-mounted solar panels, or energy battery storage, we have you covered. We have installed commercial solar PV solutions for farms, factories and industrial units, as well as creating bespoke commercial solar PV solutions for sports clubs and office buildings. We have custom-designed and installed commercial solar PV systems for Medway Council, The Methodist Church, The Hurlingham Club, Fridays Ltd, MUFC, Infinity Foods, Merit Group, W Robinsons, Claygate, Magnetic Shields Ltd, DK Holdings, Croylek, Westons Farm, Franchise Manor Estate, Sky Asset Management, Childrensalon, Haywards Catering Services, and HUF-HAUS.

We can talk you through the options and give you examples of our business solar customers who are already enjoying the benefits. TLGEC are a 5* Which? Trusted Trader and Certified Partners for the industry’s leading manufacturers of solar PV systems, battery storage and EV chargers. As trusted commercial solar panel installers, you can feel safe knowing that your investment is being handled by professionals.

Financing Commercial Solar PV Systems

Installing a commercial solar PV system is an investment that will pay for itself over time but the initial outlay can be a daunting prospect.

Fortunately, there are three flexible ways you can approach commercial solar financing for green energy systems:

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

PPA means that your business solar PV system is fully paid for and maintained by the finance company. Your company would agree to rent your roof space for the duration of the contract to the finance company and to purchase the energy generated by the system. The energy generated will cost 20% less than you would pay from the grid for the same amount of energy. At the end of the PPA term, the system is gifted to your company for continued use.

A lease scheme

A lease is a loan secured on the equipment being purchased. The equipment remains the property of the lease company until the end of the agreement, at which point it is signed over to you for a peppercorn payment. Leasing is tax efficient and will enable you to remain cash flow positive on the system generation

Buying your commercial solar panels outright

While this is the most expensive option upfront, you generally get the quickest return on investment because there is no extra finance to be paid.

We have a more detailed breakdown on ways you can finance your business solar PV. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch with us.

What is ESG and why do you need to get on board?

ESG is a framework that businesses are now using to measure their performance in terms of sustainability. Environmental, Social and Governance factors are taken into consideration when making vital business decisions and creating internal processes. These activities include lowering pollution and waste, as well as establishing a more diverse and inclusive workforce. The main objective of ESG is to help businesses to create a more positive impact on society and the environment.

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Improve ESG score by installing Commercial Solar Panels

How commercial solar solution can improve your ESG score?

By investing in commercial solar panels for your business premises, you will be able to significantly improve your ESG score. Installing a large-scale rooftop solar system drives environmental equity through clean energy, as well as delivering cost savings for your business. This can translate to higher marks on both an ESG report and Green Globes certification. When you invest in renewable energy, you are helping fulfil ESG objectives or sustainability initiatives with a measurable impact criteria.

Commercial Solar PV Installs and Case Studies

Find out more about TLGEC Commercial Renewable Energy installations and case studies across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and the South East.

What are the best solar panels for commercial use?

There are many brands of solar panels available on the market today, so it can be hard to choose. Care should be taken when choosing a panel as there can be considerable differences in what each one can offer. Not just on output but also on the build quality and warranties available. If you have a panel manufacturer in mind, please let us know.

We can source any panels on the market and can also show you comparisons between the brands. Every project is different and by working with our in-house experienced designer, we can ensure you will get a system that is right for you.

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We partner with the leading solar brands

TLGEC are certified partners for market-leading manufacturers, investing in continuous training and the latest technology. We believe in presenting the most effective solution and the brands that we endorse are the most efficient and provide the most value for money. We are proud installers of the most innovative and powerful solar manufacturers. To find out more about our brands, click here or give us a call to find out more.



The best and most efficient commercial solar panels we recommend is SunPower, which is the most advanced solar panel in the industry. There have been over 35 million SunPower solar panels installed around the world since 1985, and for good reason. They employ cutting edge technology that is unrivalled by another brand.

Commercial Solar PV Solar Edge Inverters


SolarEdge is a global manufacturer in the renewable energy space, innovating solar PV systems and inverters. We use SolarEdge inverters with every commercial solar installation because they offer module-level monitoring and improved performance, thanks to the optimiser installed underneath each panel.

Each panel can be monitored using data that is stored in the cloud. The inverters can reduce the panel voltage to 1 volt if there are any faults with the system or for maintenance. They can also mitigate shading issues and panel ageing differences, so performance is always optimum. SolarEdge Inverters also come with a 25-year warranty.



Commercial Solar PV Solis Inverters


Solis is one of most experienced and largest manufacturers of solar inverters. It’s solar inverter product line uses innovative string technology to deliver first-class reliability, validated under the most stringent international certifications.

Fronius Commercial Solar Inverters


Fronius is an Austrian-based family-run business with a strong pedigree in the solar energy industry. As solar pioneers with over 75-years of expertise, Fronius inverters are one of the most reliable pieces of kit on the market.

Integrated Commercial Renewable Solar Solutions

Why not streamline your solar panels and use your solar energy to do more? We have a set of solar solutions that can be integrated into your commercial property once you have installed your solar panels.

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Commercial Solar Installation FAQs

What is the return on investment on commercial solar panels?

Depending on the size of solar PV system you are installing, a typical payback would be between 3 and 7 years. Current grid energy costs and site usage also play a factor in this. We would provide a full financial analysis as part of our design pack, looking at historical half hourly data.

What solar panel is best for commercial use?

Some of the most popular and reputable solar panel manufacturers for commercial use are Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, Hanwha Q CELLS, REC, Longi. SunPower also offer a commercial panel with industry leading warranties. We work with and install some of the best brands out there, so if you have any specific questions, please feel free to get in touch with our expert team of commercial solar panel installers.

How much electricity can a commercial solar panel generate?

The commercial solar panels TLGEC install are between 400-500W peak energy per panel and are most beneficially orientated facing south at 30 degrees pitch in direct sunlight, but the cells do not need direct irradiance to work and can still generate power on cloudy days. It is also popular to install an East-West system on larger buildings that are typically low pitch. Many businesses will also install a commercial battery storage system to optimise the site self-consumption of the generated energy.

What are the most efficient commercial solar panels in the UK/World?

The most efficient commercial solar panels in the UK/World are the SunPower Maxeon panels at 22.7%. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the commercial solar panels we install for them match their energy efficiency requirements.

Do I need planning permission for solar panels on a commercial building?

You will not typically need planning permission to install solar panels on a commercial building as they are considered permitted development, but they do need to be installed a minimum of 1000mm from the edge of the roof and must project higher than 200mm from the roof surface. If the system is greater in size than 1 Megawatt planning permission will be required.

How many solar panels are required on an office building?

There is no set amount, it depends on how much energy the site consumes and budget. We would discuss the requirements and objectives with you and design a system to suit.

Can I claim solar panels as a business expense?

You can claim a Capital Allowance on any solar panels you want to have installed on your commercial property. Capital allowances on solar panels are tax deductions that businesses can claim on the cost of installing solar panels in commercial properties.

Do I need a license for commercial solar panels in the UK?

There is no permit required for commercial solar installation in the UK. As solar panels are considered ‘permitted development’ you usually don’t need planning permission to install them on your roof. A grid application would be required to connect to the grid. This would all be part of our design package.

How efficient are commercial grade solar panels?

The commercial solar PV modules we install are 20-22% efficient which has now effectively reached the commercially available upper limit for silicon cells. The theoretical maximum for silicon is 29%. To go beyond this new materials are being tested in laboratories in conjunction with silicon, such as perovskite. These are still years away from becoming commercially viable.

Does solar help with ESG objectives?

Yes, solar panels so have a positive impact on improving the ESG score of your business. Solar can help companies meet both environmental and social goals, providing green energy and elevating a company’s standing with its stakeholders.

What size are commercial PV panels?

Commercial solar panels are typically between 1808-2135mm long by 1086-1092mm wide Commercial solar panels tend to be larger in size compared to residential solar panels.

How long do industrial-grade solar panels last?

As commercial solar PV installers, it is our job to provide our customers with the most reliable solar solution available. That is why we only work with the leading technology providers in the PV space. The commercial solar panels we supply come with a 25-year performance warranty – to be at least 80% efficient after 25 years.

Do commercial solar panels require servicing?

Solar panels are designed to be low maintenance. However, we would advise having your system checked over annually to ensure your investment is operating to its full potential. We would also advise an annual/bi-annual cleaning to ensure the highest generation possible.

What is the difference between domestic and commercial solar panels?

There is no difference between commercial and domestic PV (photovoltaic) panels. They’re both made from a collection of silicon semi-conductors which convert sunlight into electricity. Each individual panel is just one part of your solar installation (or array of panels). The only notable difference may be the size of the panels, as commercial solar panels tend to be larger than residential panels. Residential panels also tend to be black framed with black backing sheets, this is purely for atheistic reasons as generally they are more visible.

Explore commercial solar PV and battery storage for your business. Speak to our team about claiming you energy independence, protecting your business against future energy price rises, and solar financing.

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