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TLGEC Renewable Energy: Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Surrounding Areas

Solar PV technology is a fantastic way to reduce the carbon footprint and corporate social responsibility (CSR) of your business, and for obvious reasons. But did you know it can help to drive revenue and increase standards throughout your business too?

Here are five reasons why solar PV can help drive the revenue and status of your business:

  1. Attract more customers

Yes! As well as improving your footprint and CSR, harnessing solar PV can actually help grow your customer base. In fact, a third of consumers (33%) are opting to buy from companies and brands that they believe are dedicated to delivering a positive social and environmental impact. Also, 21% have said they would choose and purchase from brands if they made their sustainability credentials clearer – on packaging and in marketing.

Such big figures equal big opportunities. Solar PV can equal a bigger customer base, and thus, more sales.


  1. Recruit (and retain) top talent

Install solar PV and it won’t be just the sun’s rays you’ll be attracting. More environmentally conscious standout performers will certainly favour companies with stronger CSR.

This is especially true of the next generation of workers. They’re only getting smarter and more switched on.

According to the research by Lightspeed, nearly 1 in 10 Millennials would leave their employment if they found out they were not acting sustainably. Plus, a whopping 9 in 10 Millennials consider working for a sustainable company as a high priority. That’s compared to 84% of Gen X and 77% of Baby Boomers.

It’s not just about your employees’ values and how they feel, either. They can directly benefit – even profit – from your solar PV commitment. For instance, once your solar PV is up and running, you could offer employees EV Charging opportunities.


  1. Improve corporate performance

Customers? Tick. Employees? Tick. So, how about overall company performance? Well, according to a 2015 study by Harvard University, positive CSR commitments such as solar PV installations and commercial battery storage can increase overall company performance, not least because it can significantly affect share prices:

“Firms with good performance on material sustainability issues significantly outperform firms with poor performance on these issues, suggesting that investments in sustainability issues are shareholder-value enhancing.”

And it all makes perfect sense, especially when you realise share performance is directly (and naturally) related to the capability to generate more sales, increase prices, and attract more dedicated and talented staff.


  1. Increase audience and engagement

Increasing your sales is great, but there are other less direct but arguably more potent avenues for growing revenue; you guessed it – solar PV can play its part.

For instance, blog posts, company updates and industry news. Any company worth their salt will be active in these areas and being able to share your solar PV journey with them is a more than worthy development they’d be interested to hear about and follow. And the opportunity here is limitless. Just one idea – you could be sharing your monthly and annual carbon savings to inform and impress your audience.


  1. It’s a USP!

There’s no doubt that the commitment of a company to CSR is becoming increasingly important, for various reasons. But that doesn’t mean everyone is on board yet.

Get the ball rolling on solar PV and it essentially becomes a USP – or certainly at least another string in your bow.

Competitors may not be as forward-thinking yet – still relying heavily on non-renewable energy. This means you can gain the upper hand. All the above benefits can be yours if you give your prospects another good reason to choose you over the competition.

According to research by Centrica Business Solutions, organisations that have recognised energy strategies that are aligned with their business priorities are more likely to perform well against a range of key business measures; including financial performance and being customer-centric.


The overall takeaway from these points? Adding solar PV to your business can bring a range of benefits – some of them surprising.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels on your commercial property shows that you’re taking sustainability and environmental protection seriously. You’ve specifically chosen to invest and power your business with clean, efficient solar power.

And you can benefit just as much as the environment and your customers. A great differentiator for your business, solar PV can give you that cutting edge.


Find out how beneficial solar PV can be for your company. Get in touch with our team. They will take you through how we build a bespoke commercial solar PV for your business and also guide you through the solar financing options we have available.

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