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Solar PV: Reading, Berkshire, Mr B

Over the past decade, we have established ourselves as the go-to experts in solar panel installation in the Berkshire area. Our experienced team of renewable energy technicians have installed and maintained over 15,000 solar panel systems across the Kent and the South-East. Our green energy solutions are trusted by consumers, housing developers, businesses and councils. 

If you are considering a renewable energy system for your home in Berkshire, you can trust us to provide a first-class solar installation using industry-leading equipment. We are passionate about providing the most efficient green energy solutions to people and their homes across the UK to help them go green, protect their energy supply and drastically reduce their energy bills. 

We have installed many residential solar panels across the Berkshire and Kent area to help them reap the rewards of residential solar PV systems. 

We recently installed this 22 panel domestic, flat roof solar PV system for Mr B in Reading, Berkshire on a 3 storey building. We used a boom lift to gain access for this installation.

Customer:Mr B
Product:Domestic Solar PV
Location:Reading, Berkshire RG8
System Size:3.96 kWp
Panels:TopSola TSM-160M 180W (x22)
Generation p/a:3,399 kWh
Carbon Offset:1,931 Kg/CO2/Yr

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Located near Reading in Berkshire? Interested in Solar PV? Contact us now for more info.


Solar PV Financing Now Available

The Little Green Energy Company has Solar Finance available to UK customers. We have partnered with Hometree Finance to offer the Solar Plan: a zero-deposit payment option, enabling you to pay monthly, while you benefit from energy savings.

System monitoring and maintenance is included for the plan lifetime, so you can switch to clean, green energy with confidence. Click here to learn more about our UK Solar Financing.

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