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Solar PV: Marden, Kent, Mr K

We recently installed this 3.84 kWp Solar PV system for Mr K in Marden, Kent. This was a very interesting project. 16 panels were installed on a bespoke ground mount framing system which allowsthe angle of the panels to be changed at different times of the year to optimise the output of the panels. Enecsys micro inverters were used to monitor each panel individually.

Customer:Mr K
Product:Domestic Solar PV
Location:Marden, Kent, TN12
Solar System Size:3.84 kWp
Aleo 240w Monocrystaline (x16)
Inverter:Enecsy Microinverters
Solar Generation:3,296 kWh p/a
Carbon Offset:1,872 Kg/CO2/Yr

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Located near Marden in Kent? Interested in Solar PV? Contact us for more info.

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