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Solar PV: Banstead, Surrey, Phi Design & Build Ltd

We recently installed this In-roof Solar PV System for Phi Design & Build Ltd in Banstead, Surrey.

If your site has several plots it’s well worth considering in-roof solar. There are various benefits alongside the improved appearance. Without the need to install hooks first, then rails and panels on separate visits we can get the job done in one go, reducing costs. You also save on the amount of tiling required per plot and the whole system becomes an integral part of the roof finish. Other maintenance issues such as bird nesting are also alleviated with roof-integrated panels.

Customer:Phi Design & Build Ltd
Product:Developer Solar PV
Location:Banstead, Surrey, SM7 2JY
Solar System Size:5.90 kWp
Panels:20 x Trina 295
Inverter:SMA 5.0 2mppt
Solar Generation:6,242 kWh p/a
Carbon Offset:3,302 Kg/CO2/Yr

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