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The Little Green Energy Company (TLGEC) is excited to be pioneering the UK’s first collaboration between charge point management software specialist, Clenergy EV and leading EV charging manufacturer, Easee. This partnership, led by the TLGEC team, is integral in transforming the way building owners and landlords provide easy and affordable EV charging for residents.

The collaboration, facilitated by TLGEC, saw Easee charging robots installed across underground parking bays at the Royal Sands development in the Ramsgate marina. In order to most efficiently link the chargers and allow for multiple charge points to be safely and effectively linked at once, TLGEC advised on a daisy-chain setup.

Each EV charger will initially be shared by three flats. However, Easee’s load balancing features and innovative Easee Ready plug and play solution, means the system will be easy to scale as more homeowners require charging points. All without the need for additional infrastructure costs, materials and installation time.

The ground-breaking integration of Clenergy EV’s software and Easee’s cloud-based monitoring streamlines the charging process. This allows tenants to easily and efficiently pay for their charging via Clenergy EV,  who then facilitate the return to the landlord. The use of a dedicated Clenergy EV app allows tenants to monitor energy usage and track costs, creating a partnership that offers ease and cost-effectiveness to both landlords and residents.

“Clenergy EV are delighted to work with TLGEC at Royal Sands. By integrating Clenergy EV software and Easee charge points, we’ve have futureproofed the Royal Sands development for decades, by allowing easy installation of further charge points as EV adoption grows within the residential complex. We’re looking forwards to working with both TLGEC and Easee on more projects in the future.” Will David, CEO of Clenergy EV.

“The Royal Sands project presents what should be the norm/standard when considering EV charging solutions for multi-dwelling units in the UK: modular, future-proof, user friendly and cost-effective. With government grants currently available for such cases, this is the perfect time for landlords and residents to utilise the services of companies such as TLGEC to help them prepare for the future, while increasing the value of their property. The expert integration of Easee and Clenergy technologies takes away all the complexity from the end user and offers them a seamless and friendly end-to-end experience”’ Effie Vraka, MD Easee UK Ltd.

Simplifying and streamlining the processes of installing, linking and tracking chargers will revolutionise the future of electric vehicle ownership. A user-friendly and easy-to-follow charging setup for commercial use will encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. This approach mitigates the common challenges for landlords and building managers.

We, at The Little Green Energy Company, are proud to be spearheading green collaborations which encourage more to adopt cleaner energy sources. Speak to our team about adopting clean energy for your home or business.

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