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As Solar PV gains traction nationwide, West Sussex County launched a scheme, ‘Solar Together’ that would enable many to get access to Solar PV and start investing in renewable energy. These schemes, managed in bulk by contractors, facilitate installation of the most basic specification for Solar PV and Battery Storage.

Our customer was one individual who set out to take part in such a scheme when it became clear that the complicated roof structure of their property exceeded the limitations of the basic installation offered by the West Sussex County contractors. Our client Mr G said: “We had signed up as part of a community group solar installation project hoping that we would achieve the protection of a validated supplier and trustworthy standard products; however, our slightly more complex needs left us outside of the normalised specification that was being generally applied to local properties.”


“It was through the Which “Trusted Trader Scheme” that we identified TLGEC and since first making contact with them in March 2022 they have been professional, helpful and technically supportive.  They have promptly answered every question and met every promised deadline even down to the dates set for their scaffolding contractors.” 


The installation was ultimately achieved by installing 15 solar panels, fully optimised to allow each panel to produce at its maximum potential, increasing the lifespan generation of the system. “The East/West orientation of our property and the complicated pitch structure of our roof required the installation of panels on four sides of our house. These challenges were clearly too strong for our original installer, but the TLGEC siting plan addressed all of these issues and additionally implemented the use of individual optimisers which allowed each panel to independently draw on the angle of the sunlight available through the course of the day.”  A battery storage unit was also installed.

The customer’s journey to renewable energy started in 2021 when investing in an electronic Vehicle to replace their diesel engine. We felt that we could use this opportunity to make an environmentally supportive choice by purchasing an EV and it then became a natural conclusion to opt for home EV charging with off-grid support for all of our sustainable electricity needs using solar panels and battery storage. The more that we looked into this, the more we realised that we could achieve a good degree of energy independence and cost savings on household bills.”


They were particularly impressed by the features of Tesla Powerwall, which will allow them to effectively ‘island’ their house during any power outages, as well as the ability to make the most of “time of use tariffs”, charging the battery using less expensive energy overnight, a key feature to reducing energy bills as prices continue to soar with the ongoing energy crisis. “It is reassuring to have a level of energy independence over supply and even more so now, over cost; whilst, at the same time making a sustainable contribution that creates a shift away from the reliance on fossil fuels.”


Our customer will also be benefitting from annual maintenance of their system by TLGEC. “We learned the hard and very obvious lesson that the choice of installer is the key to this process.  We would not hesitate to recommend TLGEC as they helped us to understand that both the design process and the matching of good quality technical components lays the foundation to any successful solar implementation.   I would explain that this is a worthy step to take for a wide range of sustainable reasons and that the current global energy shortage provides an ongoing improvement in the recovery period of initial capital costs. “


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