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Solar PV: Sevenoaks, Kent, Mr M

Over the past decade, we have established ourselves as the go-to experts in solar panel installation in the Kent area. Our experienced team of renewable energy technicians have installed and maintained over 15,000 solar panel systems across the Kent and the South-East. Our green energy solutions are trusted by consumers, housing developers, businesses and councils. 

If you are considering a renewable energy system for your home in Sevenoaks, you can trust us to provide a first-class solar installation using industry-leading equipment. We are passionate about providing the most efficient green energy solutions to people and their homes across the UK to help them go green, protect their energy supply and drastically reduce their energy bills. 

We have installed many residential solar panels across the Sevenoaks and Kent area to help them reap the rewards of residential solar PV systems. 

One of the perks of our jobs is visiting beautiful areas, villages and homes throughout the South East. A few weeks ago, we were completing the installation at this stunning home in Sevenoaks. The system that we installed will power their home from the Sun’s energy, reducing their electricity bills sustainably. This family also had x2 Tesla Powerwall installed, reducing their reliance on the grid by being able to store solar energy for peak usage times.

Customer:Mr M
Product:Domestic Solar PV
Location:Sevenoaks, Kent TN14
Solar System Size:5.25 kWp
Panels:SunPower 375W
Inverter:SolarEdge 5000H P485 optimisers 
Solar Generation:5,408 kWh p/a
Carbon Offset:2,861 Kg/CO2/Yr

If you are looking to live a more responsible, sustainable lifestyle or perhaps simply want to save money on your electricity bills, we’d be happy to offer our advice and experience.

Where to start if you’re looking to install a solar pv system at home?

Start with us. Our goal is provide you with all the necessary information for you to make an informed decision.

We are a family-run, zero-sales led company – all of our business comes from referrals or being found online – our advice comes without obligation. Renewable energy should elevate your lifestyle and offer value.

Not all homes may benefit from certain renewable energy solutions and we only ever suggest solutions that will positively impact your lifestyle.

Get in touch with us to book your information session, free of charge on 01622 832 834

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