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Eco features you never knew you wanted, but soon won’t want to live without

Halfacres was brought to the market for sale in early 2020. The vision of a local developer, this home has it all. In the developer’s words;

“What we’ve designed and built here is a beautiful, luxury, eco-friendly house with all of the technological features that you never knew you wanted, but soon won’t want to live without. It’s a ready-made Grand Design, and it just happens to be in one of the most beautiful settings.”

Engaged by the developer, TLGEC were required to design a renewable energy solution consisting of solar pv and battery storage. The developer also worked with another company to equip the home with an Air Source Heat Pump.

Solar PV: The TrinaSolar solution

Located on the flat roof and not visible from ground level, TLGEC installed 14 Trina 295 photovoltaic cells that generate electrical power to supply the Tesla Powerwall 2 that we located inside the property. These cells have the potential to supply a total of 4.13 kWp of power, which translates into an 4221kWh of energy annually. The average detached home in the UK uses an estimated 4153kWh (EC4U, 2017).

Trina is a well established and trusted brand offering high quality, efficient and award winning 295 photovoltaic cells. Those that have been installed benefit from a 12 year warranty from date of installation.

The photovoltaic cells will assist in the charging of the Tesla Powerwall, which in turn will power the 16kW Samsung EHS Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump, offering a cleaner solution to heating the home. This solution makes heating the property extremely cost effective as well as driving down its carbon footprint.

Battery Storage: The Tesla Powerwall solution

The electricity generated by the photovoltaic cells ensures a reduced reliance on the Grid. The second generation Tesla Powerwall offers an efficient, sleek and non intrusive means of storing this energy which can then be utilised throughout all hours of the day or night. Up to three additional Powerwalls can be combined together to increase storage capacity by up to 300%, potentially allowing the property to run using solely stored power.

This current installed system has been estimated to store enough energy to provide the property with a minimum of 24 hours of power (under normal usage), even without the photovoltaic cells or Grid supplying any addition energy.

On the rare occasion where insufficient energy is being produced by the photovoltaic cells, the Powerwall is programmed to ‘top up’ during off peak energy times to ensure you only pay for the cheapest electricity, perfect for the winter months.

*Developer quote and additional specification taken from the Fine & Country sales brochure.

Product:Developer Solar PV & Battery Storage
Location:Bidborough, Kent
Solar System Size:4.13 kWp
Panels:x14 TrinaSolar 295 panels
Solar Generation:4,221 kWh p/a
Battery System Size:13.5 kWh
Battery Type:TESLA Powerwall 2

In the case of this home, the renewable energy solution was harnessed as a high-end selling point and market differentiator. As the new owners make this house their home, they will enjoy a greatly reduced reliance on the grid and find that their utility bills for such a large, open home are extremely cost effective.

As with all projects we have the opportunity to work on, we will understand budget, needs and requirements in order to suggest the best solution for those who will be relying on the technology. If you’re considering upgrading your way of life, reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your dependence on the national grid, we are only too happy to impart our knowledge and experience to help you find the right solution that makes sense for you.

TLGEC are certified Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers and Approved Installers for the leading Solar Photovoltaic manufacturers. We’re also proud to have a 10/10 Checkatrade rating and 5* Which? Trusted Trader.

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