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Solar PV: London, Ms Y

Our team have been working on solar pv installation in London during the Covid lockdown. We’ve enjoyed the fewer cars and traffic jams making our commute to site much easier! Recently, we were at Ms Y’s home installing a full renewable energy solution. Her solution includes the Solar PV detailed below, as well as Tesla Powerwall and EV Charging installation.

Customer:Ms Y
Product:Domestic Solar PV
Location:London, N21
Solar System Size:7.50 kWp
Panels:Other Longi Black Mono
Inverter:Solis – 1P5k – 4G /  Solis – mini – 2000 – 4G 
Solar Generation:3,944 kWh p/a
Carbon Offset:2,086 Kg/CO2/Yr

TLGEC are the South East and London’s Solar PV, Battery Storage and EV Charging installation specialists.

If you are looking live a more responsible, sustainable lifestyle or perhaps simply to save money on your electricity bills, we’d love to share our ideas and solutions with you.

Where to start if you’re considering renewable energy solutions for your home?

Whether you’d like a full solution like Ms Y here or a starting point – such as solar panels, or perhaps you already have a renewable energy system in place and are looking to supplement it with additional technology? TLGEC provide a free, no obligation solution and quote, according to your budget and lifestyle.

Get in touch with us on 01622 832 834

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