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Battery Storage: Teddington, South West London, Mr P

We installed a Tesla Powerwall 2 for our wonderful customer based in Teddington so he is able to take his home fully off-grid with the support of battery storage to power the home through cloudy days or evenings.

When researching the market for an installer, Mr P chose to work with TLGEC due to our expertise and thorough responses to his queries. He was impressed that when asking for a quote, our team didn’t just price the job, but provided in depth information on the processes and technology to help our client make an informed decision on the best energy solutions to suit his home.

Since installation, Mr P is thrilled with his new energy supply, describing the Tesla Powerwall as “transformative”. He expects to be effectively ‘off-grid’ until September, where he will then use battery storage to charge from the grid at night with off-peak electricity.

Customer:Mr P
Product:Battery Storage
Location:Teddington, London, TW11
System Size:13.5 kWh
Battery Type:Tesla Powerwall 2


Speaking on his experience, Mr P says: “Overall electricity bills should be about a sixth of bills without the battery. This reduction in cost has allowed us to get rid of the gas boiler in favour of a heat pump, and reduce our carbon dioxide emissions substantially.”

After monitoring his household carbon emissions since late 2018, Mr P has made many ‘green’ changes to his home which are set to significantly reduce his carbon emissions. He predicts that as the grid becomes ‘greener’ in the coming decade, emission figures in his home will fall by half in 2030, resulting in reduced household emissions from 3.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year to 0.35 tonnes per year in 2030 – all with no reduction in livings standards and with lower yearly bills!

Mr P says: “We intend to monitor this for a year or two and see if things are really proceeding as we had planned. If necessary, we might consider further solar power in an attempt to reach ‘net zero’ and become true carbonauts!”

Read more on our client’s experience with solar on his blog, where he has shared his first-hand experience on the initial installation and one-month completely off-grid!

If you want to significantly reduce your household carbon emissions without having to give up luxuries, all whilst paying less for your yearly electricity and heating bills, then get in touch with us to book your information session, free of charge on 01622 832 834

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