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Battery Storage & Solar PV: West Malling, Kent, Mr S

Battery Storage & Solar PV: West Malling, Kent, Mr S

This was the 1 st Tesla Powerwall 2 to be installed in Europe.

Mr S wanted the new Powerwall installed and also decided to fit a Solar PV system so he could generate free electricity to store in the battery.

Due to the nature of the roof and shading issues we designed the system around the new Solaredge HD Wave inverter with DC optimisers. This allows each panel to work independently from each other and therefore making the system very efficient. The inverter is also on the Solaredge portal allowing Mr S to monitor each panel individually.

Tesla Battery Storage Information

Customer:Mr S
Product:Battery Storage
Location:West Mailling, Kent, ME19
System Size:13.5 kWh
Battery Type:Tesla Powerwall 2

Solar PV Information

System Size:4.0 kWp
Panels:LG Mono x 2 280W (x14)
Solar Inverters:Solaredge 3.68 with DC Optimisers
Generation:3,841 kWh  p/a
Carbon Offset:2,182Kg/CO2/Yr

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From initial contact through to post-implementation support, the Little Green Energy Company has been an excellent company to work with. The Solar PV and Home Battery options were discussed in detail and I felt well-informed and comfortable with my choice of product and configuration which included the very new Tesla Powerwall 2.

Unavailable in Europe until then, the first-batch of Powerwall 2’s arrived in the UK and the TLGEC begun the installation without delay; polite, friendly and helpful engineers made the job that much less of an inconvenience and within 2 days, it was all up and running.

I installed the Tesla App on my phone which gives me a real-time view of my new electrical eco-system powering the house – it gets addictive if not careful! All in all, a very happy customer with both service and product and would highly recommend the LGEC to other energy conscious people.

Located near West Maling, Kent? Interested in Solar PV or Battery Storage? Contact us for more info.

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