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TLGEC Renewable Energy: Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Surrounding Areas


Why We Chose To Partner With SunPower

We are pleased to announce our recent partnership with SunPower, the supplier of the highest efficient solar panel on the market. This now gives us the ability to supply you with more power than ever before.

With their industry leading 25 year warranty, you can rest assured that we can now provide a whole Solar PV solution with 25 year product warranty.

Nothing else in the industry can match this!

World-Record-Setting Solar PV Panels

When selecting a company to install your solar installation, it is important to choose one you can trust.

At TLGEC, we have a wealth of experience, installing to the highest possible standards, using the very best products available on the market.

For this same reason, we have chosen to use the SunPower Solar PV Panels.

We have extensively researched all of the Solar PV Panels available on the market, and without doubt, SunPower now provide the very best panels, warranty and company stability, which are all factors to consider when choosing the right panel manufacturer.

Whether you are looking for Solar PV for your home, businesses, school, or government building you can take peace of mind from the fact that SunPower have more than 30 years of proven experience globally.

A few of the benefits from using SunPower include:

  • Best Technology: outperforming, outlasting & outshining
  • Most Reliable & Best Warranty: combining power and product warranty
  • Financial Savings: now and in the future, when your energy needs grow
  • Proven Experience: leading the way in solar for over 30 years
  • More Powerful: world-record-setting high-efficiency solar pv panels
  • Best Looking: reduce your electric bill, & improve your kerb appeal
  • Most Sustainable: 1st & only solar firm to be Cradle to Cradle Certified™
  • Most Durable: rated no.1 for durability in extreme third-party testing
  • Best Local Experience: only work with best-in-class local installers

From the first flip of the switch, SunPower delivers maximum value and superb performance throughout the long life of every solar system! Click here to find out more.

To discuss SunPower or Solar PV please contact us today.


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