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TLGEC Renewable Energy: Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Surrounding Areas

Sustainable practices and alternatives are rapidly increasing in popularity as we are becoming more aware of our damaging impact on our planet and ecosystem. Solar technology is a fantastic way to reduce the carbon footprint of your home or business, but how long does it really take to develop, design and deliver a commercial PV system from start to finish?

With grid electricity only increasing in demand and price, solar energy is an advantageous step to ensure security on energy supply while keeping long term costs down. If, like many homes and businesses, you’ve witnessed a sharp increase in the cost of electricity, a Solar PV system may be the eco-conscious choice you’ve been looking for.

Investing in a sustainable option now will not only help to secure your own energy supply, but it will also cut your electricity bills by a sizeable margin. With the UK government making a considerate effort to move away from using fossil fuels, the shortage and demand for grid energy will only lead to your electricity bills substantially rising in the years to come, as well as more frequent power outages. Solar panels have come a long way in the last 10 years, not only concerning design but also in terms of efficiency; with the ability to store excess energy,  unexpected power cuts will be a thing of the past.

But, as much as solar energy can provide a wealth of money-saving and eco-friendly benefits, it’s also important to be realistic and set your expectations appropriately when beginning your Solar PV planning.


We’ve put together a breakdown of what to expect when preparing for your new solar energy project:

  • Week 1: Preliminary meeting and proposal – The journey begins like most, with a conversation. A no-obligation one at that. Without fully committing to an in-depth plan, we discuss with you and put together an initial proposal that outlines the project’s complexity, estimated costs as well as the total carbon reduction level by the end of the build.


  • Week 2 – Week 15: Grid application – The most lengthy process involved as your local District Network Operator (DNO) will have 65 working days to respond to your request to connect to their network. It’s vital to get this process started promptly as the grid have the right to reject your appeal which will cease the entire project.


  • Week 15 – Week 20: Site surveys – For your installation to take place, various checks and surveys must be completed to ensure a Solar PV System is the best course of action for your land or property. It is a requirement that solar panels must be able to stay secure to the land or building for 25 years, so it’s imperative that all site variables are accounted for. This is decided by a site visit, internal deliberation and proposal markups which can take up to 6 weeks to finalise.


  • Week 26: Formal proposal – After all of the structural and potential survey data has been interpreted, a final proposal will be handed over to you which includes final fixed costs of installation, the time scale of project delivery and any possible site disruption. This will be roughly 6 months after the process has begun.


  • Week 32 – 39: Planning permission – This is when things really start to gain motion. After the funding has been obtained, we begin acquiring development permissions for your project; including drafting, submitting, and securing the correct permissions from your local council. This can usually take around 8 weeks.


  • Week 40 – 52: Project delivery – At last, the step you’ve been waiting for! Usually, around 8 months after the process has begun, we can finally start installing your new system onto your land or building. The duration of the build will be outlined in your formal proposal but most projects will be completed within 8-12 weeks.


It’s important to remind yourself that installing a renewable energy source like a Solar PV System, is a lengthy yet rewarding process. There’s a whole range of questions that need to be answered before a proposal can even take place, including choosing the right solar panels for your business. In total, the full project may take over a year to complete, therefore managing your expectations is crucial; things can be a lot speedier depending on internal deliberation and your grid application.

If you are looking to build a Solar PV System or commercial battery storage for your land or property, or would just like to find out more, just get in touch! Start building a more sustainable future for your business today.

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