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How much do solar panels cost?  

If we had a pound for every conversation that starts with ‘how much do solar panels cost!’ As much as we would love to have a one size fits all answer there are so many variablesHowever, we fully appreciate that the how long is a piece of string answer didn’t help anyone budget, ever! So, we’ve put together the variable examples that can help you decide the kind of solution you want and form a budget for how much your solar panels will cost.  

Not all solar panels are equal 

You’re likely familiar with weighing up the benefits, cost and value of items such as a phone, TV or a car. With all of those you’ll appreciate that each have a different brand options, models and above all costs associated. It’s the same story when it comes to solar panels and how much solar panels cost.  

A bottom of the range solar panel may cost in the region of £200 but the solar generation will likely be 25-35% percent lower than the market leading solar panel. By comparison a top of the range solar panel from a reputable company like #SunPower may cost in the region of £350, but will give you more generation on your roof.  

The more electricity the system can generate, the higher the cost, however the savings will be much higher.  This combined with the peace of mind and industry leading warranties from a Global manufacturer means you get the advantage of continuing support into the future for the lifetime of the system. 

How much will solar panels cost?  

To find out exactly how much a solar panel solution will cost for your home or business, get your free, no obligation quote here. 

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