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UK Needs to Boost Generation of Electricity

Scottish Power has just announced that Britain will need to boost it’s generation of electricity by about a quarter because of the shift to electric cars and electric heating rising so much.

There is a huge need for investment into the wiring that is necessary to enable the growing electric car batteries that need charging regularly.

Whitelee wind farm in Glasgow is believed to be Europes biggest wind farm and is now capable of generating enough power for all the homes in Glasgow.

By 2032, Nicola Sturgeon announced that there would be a shift from petrol and diesel cars to battery power while the UK government is intending on making that shift by 2040.

Wind power has been a huge success with more homes converting to solar power and battery packs being installed within the homes too so the costs will gradually come down making solar power and battery power more affordable for more households across the UK.

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