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Take Control of Your Own Commercial Energy

According to the latest energy crisis report from the Telegraph, Government intervention will be needed to tackle the energy cost crisis. High energy providers and commercial organisations are reducing their exposure to the national grid costs by generating their own electricity, using small-scale generators, solar panels, battery storage and off-grid solutions.

In the report, Ilesh Patel says: “The more sophisticated energy-intensive companies are reducing their reliance on the main power grid by generating their own electricity from small-scale power projects on their own sites. These could take the shape of solar panels or micro gas plants which create both heat and power. The mini-system could also include battery storage. The immediate impact on a bill would be material and clear – just by buying less from the grid”

Whilst the government struggles to get energy prices under control, especially in the Commercial Sector, it’s time to take control yourself.

Contact us today, to discuss how we can help you build your own electricity producing solution, include Off-Grid, Solar PV and Battery Storage.


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