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TLGEC Renewable Energy: Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Surrounding Areas

As a business, reducing your carbon footprint will not only contribute towards a greener future for our planet, but it can also be great for your bottom line. Particularly when investing in renewable energy, as you can become your own power plant, powering your business with completely clean and free energy. There are many ways businesses can make small changes that have a big impact on the environment.

Here are some ways you can make your business just that little bit greener…

Solar Power

Using solar power for your business is a highly effective way of utilising clean, renewable energy that doesn’t release harmful pollutants.  By installing solar panels for your establishment, you can generate green energy whilst reserving electricity which can also be sold back to the grid, so no energy is wasted. Not to mention you will be saving a lot of money on your electricity bills as prices continue to rise. There are also a variety of solar energy grants and schemes available that your business could qualify for. Get in touch for more information on this.

You’ll also be pleased to know that solar panel systems require virtually no maintenance. We are proud to say that we’re the leading installers of solar panels in the south-east and have been installing solar PV systems for thousands of customer’s homes and businesses since 2010. We also assist our customers with the maintenance, repair, and inspection of their solar panels, even if they haven’t been installed by us!

Rethink, re-use, recycle!

It’s so easy to throw away recyclable products whilst you’re on-the-go or busy at work. Make recycling part of your everyday routine by introducing recycling bins in the office if you haven’t already done so or go out of your way to discard of materials in public recycling bins. You’ll find that in a lot of places, there are facilities to prevent you from throwing plastic or carboard into ‘general waste’. You can also donate unused or old equipment to local charities or other offices who may need it, rather than letting things go to waste.

Reduce your energy usage

You can educate and encourage your employees on how to make small adjustments that will contribute greatly for reducing your business’ carbon footprint. For example, you could encourage walking or cycling to work when possible and incorporate homeworking. If some employees have no other way of commuting apart from driving, perhaps you could invest in an electric company car! When the working day is over, make sure all electronic devices are fully switched-off and unplugged to avoid unnecessary waste of power.

Being recognised as an eco-friendly business will show you in a positive light on how your business is contributing to the preservation of our environment. Perhaps this will give other businesses some inspiration on how they can start operating in a kinder way for our planet.

Get in touch to find out more about how renewable energy can help you and your business.

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