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TLGEC Renewable Energy: Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Surrounding Areas

Installing rooftop solar panels is a great step you can take to lower your carbon footprint and help preserve the environment, but that doesn’t mean the environment won’t occasionally fight back! Thanks to their prime rooftop positions, shiny finish, and warm surface, solar panels can become a hotspot for birds to relax and make their nests. Solar panels can also double as excellent cover, and many birds have been known to make their nests underneath them. 

Unfortunately, this can cause many aggravating problems – even for the most avid of bird watchers!

Solar panel problems caused by birds and wildlife

Unwanted damage

It is not uncommon for birds to drop things they intend to use for a nest onto solar panels, such as twigs, stones, and other debris, or else peck at them. This can cause significant damage to your solar panels over time. The solar panels installed by The Little Green Energy Company can be expected to last for well over two decades, but the presence of birds can significantly affect the longevity of your residential solar panels.

Lower energy efficiency

A build-up of bird droppings or consistent shadows caused by perching birds can also affect how efficiently your solar panels run. Solar panels require uninterrupted access to sunlight to maximise your energy efficiency. When covered by birds, your solar panels can not take in as much solar energy as they should. With lower intake, you may have to find extra means to cover your energy usage which results in unpleasant extra costs.

Aesthetically pleasing solar panels 

The presence of properly maintained solar panels on a residential property can increase the resale value by over 2% and can be a great addition to your home. But when those solar panels are covered in debris, bird droppings, or a chattering group of pigeons, they can become quite an eye sore. In these cases, you may find yourself landed with unexpected bills as your solar panels need to be cleaned much more frequently. 

Injury to birds 

It’s not just your solar panels that are affected by nesting birds. Solar panels can often be hazardous to birds, as they are not a natural environment built for wildlife. Unfortunately, birds run the risk of becoming trapped in the small spaces under the solar panels, getting caught up in wiring, or even getting electrocuted. 

The solution: bird proofing 

Thankfully, nesting birds aren’t something you just have to put up with. There are bird-proofing solutions specifically designed to keep your solar panels in pristine condition and protect the lives of wildlife. These solutions can include: 

  • Anti-bird mesh. This wire mesh runs around the base of your solar panels and connects to your roof. This easy fix prevents birds from making their homes underneath the solar panels. 
  • Anti-roosting spikes. These stainless steel spikes can be attached anywhere on your solar panels, and the rest of your roof, to prevent birds from perching. 
  • Bird blocker. Like anti-bird mesh, this wire runs along to the bottom of your solar panels. However, it is specifically designed to match the colour of your solar panels to make it nearly impossible to distinguish.
  • Solar Skirt. This adds a sleek black edge to your solar panels connected to your roof that prevents nesting birds and hides all gaps underneath your solar panels. 

The Little Green Energy Company: Leaders in solar PV maintenance 

As the leading installer of solar panels across Kent and the South East, we understand how important solar panel maintenance is. We offer experienced maintenance packages that can evaluate the damage caused to your solar panels by birds and install bird-proofing solutions to help you long term. Our packages are available to everyone – even if we didn’t install your solar panels! 

With the right maintenance, your solar panels can last for decades. Our SunPower solar panels come with a 40 year warranty to offer you total peace of mind. It is recommended that you have your solar panels serviced 2-4 times a year to maximise their efficiency.  

If you have a problem with unruly birds nesting on your solar panels or are worried about the damage birds may have caused, contact The Little Green Energy Company today to discuss your options. 

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