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TLGEC Renewable Energy: Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Surrounding Areas

With residential solar panels rising in popularity, and at times necessity due to unstable grid networks and power outages, demand for solar panels has increased. Unfortunately, with this high demand comes a tide of low-end, slapdash solar panel jobs that promise high return on investment and a stable backup power supply for a cheap price. We can safely say these solar panels don’t deliver the results customers are looking for.

At The Little Green Energy Company, it is our mission to bring customers reliable renewable energy to your residence. Our solar PV and battery storage systems are completely custom built for your home and your energy requirements. When you buy from us, you’re not buying an out-of-the-box solar panel kit. You’re investing into a tailor-made solar system that has been designed for you, created to save you money on your energy bills, and built to last for years to come.

What makes us different

Residential solar panel prices

Our solar panels are priced to reflect their quality. While they might not be the cheapest solar panels on the market, they are priced this way for a reason. We individually design and build each residential solar panel system for our clients using only the best solar panels available, and we only work with premium brands such as SunPower and SolarEdge. Our residential solar panel customers can expect a fully customised solar panel experience, including an in depth consultation with our engineers, a detailed design process and a perfectly executed installation with clean and minimal wiring. We also offer post-installation maintenance and servicing.

Why we use SunPower

SunPower has proven to be the best choice for residential solar panels on the market time and time again. Not only have they worked to ensure their products are made from materials that meet high global standards, but they have the highest return of investment for customers, and highest levels of efficiency and solar power output. The recent Sheffield Hallam report only bolsters what we already knew about Sunpower panels: you won’t find better elsewhere.

SunPower helps our customers maximise their energy efficiency and usage without wasting energy, and ensures the highest possible return on investment. As all our solar panels are designed with your individual needs in mind; we take your energy requirements, as well as current and future energy usage into account to ensure maximum efficiency and return on investment.
SunPower is also transparent about its efforts to maintain an ethical and sustainable supply chain.

Residential solar panels and environmental impact

Residential solar panels aren’t just great for your bills and your home. They also work hard to reduce your impact on the environment. By cutting down on your reliance on the traditional electrical grid, and increasing your use of natural, renewable energy, you are lessening the load on our planet, and helping take the important steps to protecting the environment. Residential solar panels continue to generate free solar energy to power you, your home, and your lifestyle without harming the planet.

Tesla Powerwall: additional energy saving solutions

We always recommend pairing your custom solar panel system with the Tesla Powerwall. Tesla Powerwall offers a backup energy source in case of a power outage or grid failure, and provides you with a place to store excess energy. This means that you are using 100% of the solar energy your panels produce, whether in the moment, or in the future. Tesla Powerwall gives you control over your solar energy, and ensures you have zero power downtime.

As the first certified Tesla Powerwall installers in the UK, we have the expertise and skills to design a seamlessly integrated solar panel and Powerwall system, built to suit your home and your requirements. As certified Powerwall installers, we will be installing the all-new Tesla Powerwall 3 once it launches in spring of 2024.

Meet your residential solar panel installers

Our residential solar panel installers take pride in their work, and are sticklers for perfection. You won’t find any faulty or stray wiring, and you certainly won’t come home to a solar panel eyesore stuck haphazardly onto your roof.

Our installation team are seasoned professionals, and will ensure that your solar panel system is mounted and installed to your specifications.

The Little Green Energy Company: a solar company you can trust

At The Little Green Energy Company, we have collected 300+ reviews with a 4.8 or above star rating. We are the energy company to turn to when you want reliable and efficient solar energy to power your home for years to come.

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