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Zappi EV Charging Point

Are you interested in Electric Vehicle charging (EV charging)?

Introducing the Zappi, one of the EV charging products we can install for you to help cut your carbon footprint.

It’s the first on the market to maximise your own generation of solar or wind. Zappi’s special eco-charging modes will benefit homeowners with grid-tied microgeneration systems.

Zappi is a flexible Electric Vehicle charge point with a multitude of features as listed below.

Zappi ev charging point, kent
  • Charging mode options (Fast, Eco and Eco+)
  • Solar PV/wind turbine not essential – can operate just like a standard charge point
  • OLEV-approved
  • Boost function – keeps the battery at a minimum charge level
  • Economy Tariff sensing to maximise efficiency
  • 6A to 32A variable charging
  • Energy data logging system
  • Integral RCD for earth leakage protection
  • IP65 rated enclosure – suitable for outdoor use
  • Graphical back-lit LCD screen
  • 5 metre, 32A rated cable with Type 1 or Type 2 charge plug
  • Adjustable charge current limit – allows installation with smaller circuit breakers
  • In-line mounting holes for easy fixing to brick or timber stud walls
  • Adjustable import power limit  – the maximum import limit can be set to limit power drawn by the house when charging
  • Through-wall or surface mount cable entry options for easy wiring

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