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What Work Did They Commission?

The client, Stuart, commissioned the installation of ground mounted SunPower solar panels and Tesla Powerwall units for both his house and his pool house.

In total we installed 80 SunPower Maxeon 3/425w panels, 36 for the main house and 44 for the pool house, alongside 80 optimisers to reduce the effects of shading on each panel and provide the client with real-time information on the energy the panels were generating. As the solar panels we installed generate DC energy, we implemented 3 SolarEdge converters to convert this to the AC power used by most home appliances. 

Four Tesla Powerwall batteries were installed in both the house and the pool house, with a total storage capacity of 54 kWhs for each location. 

Benefits of the Solar PV System

The system installed within the main house will generate just under 15,000 kWhs per year. This works out to a CO2 offset of 3,597kg every year. The pool house has a similar system that generates 18,900 kWhs a year, with a CO2 offset of 4,396 Kgs. 

To put this into perspective, the carbon offset created by our solar panels would be equivalent to off-setting 13 flights from London to New York every year for the next 40 years. 

In 5 years the client will see a return of 20% on his investment. 

 Solar panels and battery storage Kent customer case study

Why We Work with SunPower

At The Little Green Energy Company, we only partner with the best in the solar panel industry. SunPower have proven time and time again that their solar panels are not only one of the most efficient on the market, but they stand the test of time and the inevitable wear and tear that occurs over decades of solar panel usage.

SunPower have been pushing the boundaries of innovation in solar energy for the past 30 years, which is why we at The Little Green Energy Company trust them, and recommend them to our customers with complete confidence. 


The Project 

This project was a complex one, thanks to the layout of the 14th century house we were working on. What had initially began as an installation of one system for both the house and the pool house became two separate systems, as the pool house runs on a different supply from the grid than the main house.

Despite this, we were able to complete both installations and create two systems that appear, visually, as just one large system. We completed the installation whilst the client was away on holiday, and by the time he returned our work was done. 

Ground mounted solar panels Kent Surrey Sussex

The Results 

The client was thrilled with the results of our installation, saying; 

“[TLGEC] were very efficient. They communicated well with us. They were very professional. You know, they’re a fairly small business. Everything was very clean, neat and tidy. So I would recommend them.”

“Without any changes, it would meet the payback model, which to me was like a five year, 20% return. There are not many investments where you can get a 20% post-tax return.”

Customer Testimonial Video

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