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What can we do about plastic?

Plastic has been big news ever since the broadcast of the BBC’s Blue Planet 2 last year, when the shocking quantity of plastics in our oceans was laid bare. The United Nations has warned that marine life is facing “irreparable damage” from the millions of tonnes of plastic waste which ends up in the oceans each year.

Many people are trying to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics and want to recycle as much plastic as possible. There can be confusion, however, about what can and cannot be recycled, made more complex by different rules among local authorities.

Well help is at hand. Here’s a handy tool to find out exactly what you can recycle where you live, thanks to recyclenow. You’ll also find loads more helpful information on their site about recycling.

The BBC has more news about all things plastic-related.

You can reduce your carbon footprint by installing Solar Panels and store your own energy using Battery Storage.

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