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TLGEC Renewable Energy: Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Surrounding Areas

New Year Resolutions are overrated, studies show that the majority of people will have already abandoned them by now! Making small, positive changes are a much more sustainable way of improving our day-to-day lives.

Start with ripples that end in waves – here’s 5 things you can do (or continue doing) to make 2022 more green:


  1. Abide by the Green Trinity

The green trinity of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ will always be a priority, but it’s important to remember the hierarchy within the three R’s. Reduce comes first for a reason: before you reuse and recycle, prioritise simply reducing your consumption of things, gas and energy. Then prioritise reusing it before recycling, because recycling still uses energy.


  1. Patch over purchase

According to the World Economic Forum, 10% of global carbon emissions come from the fashion industry. Next time an item of clothing loses a button or splits at the seams or stretches, look at fixing it before heading back to the shops for something new. Items should be mended, rather than ending up as landfill. If you don’t want it, donate it to your nearest Oxfam.


  1. Love your local

Approximately one third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture-related processes. Cut the transport emissions from your pantry and buy from your local markets and brands. Your imported fruit and veg from the EU and elsewhere creates a lot more emissions than your local farmer’s market. You’ll also be supporting your local economy and job market.


  1. Eat your greens

Dedicate one day a week to eating fewer animal products. Small changes to your diet can have a big impact on the climate. Methane is a product of livestock production and is described as a ‘potent global warming gas emission’ by the WWF. Lowering meat consumption, even fractionally, will have a dramatically positive effect on the environment. You can still enjoy your barbecues, just rotate in some veggie meals in the week!


  1. Aim for solar

As expert providers of greener energy resources, it wouldn’t be a green roundup without including the wonder of solar. Switching to solar saves the environment as well as your pocket, reducing your reliance on the grid and the burden of future rising energy costs. The sun is free, and TLGEC can help you use it. Just call us for a casual chat about what we can do for you, on 01622 832 834.


TLGEC believes in the power of the individual – we are each capable of bringing about change. We’re proud to be supporters of the greener movement. Explore our website to see how we can help you make viable, effective changes to your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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