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TLGEC Renewable Energy: Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Surrounding Areas

25 Years of Complete Confidence with Our SunPower Warranty

If you’re considering Solar Panels for your home or business, you’ll want to get the most for your investment over the long-term, but how can you be sure your investment will give you the returns you expect?

The answer is to choose a manufacturer who believes in the quality of their product so much that it comes an extensive warranty, that really does cover the system.

As a SunPower trusted partner installer, at TLGEC we can offer you the unrivalled SunPower Warranty, which will give you 25 years of complete confidence.

With unmatched reliability, SunPower solar panels rank #1 for durability and produce the most long term energy, when compared to other systems.

Simply put, SunPower manufacture the highest efficiency panels on the market, and the lowest degradation rates in the industry by far.

For these reasons and more, the SunPower’s Complete Confidence Panel Warranty provides the industry’s only 25-year Power, Product and Service Warrantee.

At TLGEC we have complete confidence in SunPower solar panels. These panels deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time, which is backed by extensive third party testing and field data from more than 20 million installed solar panels worldwide.

Power, Product, Service – SunPower Warranty:

  • Power: Highest power output protection in the solar industry: 92% in year 25
  • Product: Coverage for defects related to workmanship and materials for 25 years
  • Service: Repair, replacement or reimbursement for any defective panel for 25 years, hassle free

Demand Better Solar®

We chose to partner with SunPower because of their 30-year track record in the industry, which features their record-setting achievements in solar technology and their relentless pursuit to push the boundaries of solar energy.

At TLGEC we strive to deliver the very best customer experience, from enquiry to installation, to peace of mind and product confidence for many years to come, which fits perfectly with the SunPower aims to demand better solar.

SunPower are backed by TOTAL, the world’s 4th largest public energy company, offering the financial strength to stand behind the SunPower 25-year warranty, to give you the confidence you need to choose SunPower.

It’s our job at TLGEC to ensure you get predictable, long-term results and the savings you expect, which you’ll receive for 25 years, with a SunPower system installed by us.

A better warranty you might never need

As you can see from the SunPower graphic below, after 25 years, the SunPower Panels still outperform other systems that have only been installed for 10-12 years:

To download the latest SunPower Warranty Data Sheet click here.

*The Sunpower Warranty is only available for panels sold and installed by SunPower approved solar installers.

If you would like to place an enquiry or discuss a project please contact us today.


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