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Project Description

Battery Storage: Lancing, West Sussex, Mr S

This project was the very first triple stacked Powerwall system to go in the UK.  This was a challenge, working in tight conditions.  Once completed the customer now has a whopping 40.5 kWh of storage.  This works perfectly with his 10 kWp PV system.  All this was achieved on a single phase supply.

Customer: Mr S
Product: Battery Storage
Location: Lancing, West Sussex, BN15
System Size: 40.5 kWh
Battery Type: Tesla Powerwall 2
Backup/Storage: Storage

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Nice work, installing 3 x Powerwall 2s, fitted in our nice wide open area! and not a crowbar used either.

First triple domestic install in the country.

Mr S, Lancing, West Sussex

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