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Commercial properties and businesses benefit greatly from the wealth of economic and financial advantages that renewable energy has to offer; especially commercial solar PV systems which can be entirely customised to suit your business and long term goals.

Upon completion of the project, we discussed with Orchard Plumbing to further understand the key incentives and deliberations commercial businesses may have before taking the plunge with a solar PV system.

The motivations behind researching and sourcing a more sustainable energy provider are most likely concerning cost-efficiency or the eco-conscious aspect. Orchard Plumbing found that the potential effect on their day-to-day energy costs was the main focal point when contacting us. Combined with the eco-friendly aspect, they could only see their businesses excelling further with a solar PV installation on their headquarters in Kent. Delightfully stating that the only regret they have is not doing it sooner!

Commercial Solar PV: Rochester, Kent

Deciding on which system will most benefit your business is the next step to consider. Orchard Plumbing (being plumbers themselves) already had some insight into the process and knew roughly what they needed. Our Sales Director, Mick, was able to guide the project, providing in depth knowledge and insight to produce a system that best suited the business’ specific needs. Mick was on hand throughout the build, his vast knowledge and understanding ensured the client felt secure that the project would be completed with a high degree of precision and expertise.

It’s important to address all hesitancies before beginning any installation – many are anxious about potential hidden costs or unexpected bills. We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent which is why all fees are fully outlined upon completion of your final project plan. Our cost clarity and wealth of experience led the client to confidently go ahead with the project.

Following project execution, Orchard Plumbing expressed how pleased they were with the service and high-quality installation they received. The director said:

“I would highly recommend the TLGEC team if you’re looking to make the switch to renewable energy! The project was completed in a timely manner, and I am so pleased with my new system! Thank you TLGEC!”


If you’re looking to make the switch to solar for your commercial property, why not contact us to discuss your move towards a more sustainable, low-cost future.

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