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What is the Tesla Virtual Power Plant?

Tesla has collaborated with retail partner Octopus energy to enable houses in becoming part of the Tesla UK Virtual Power Plant (VPP). This will equip households with the tools to store electricity, return electricity to the grid and powerup their homes with 100% clean energy. Let’s find out a little more on exactly how his works and how this can alter your power and energy usage for the better!

Benefits of Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant

As previously mentioned, the main purpose of the Tesla VPP is to power your home with 100% clean energy. To be a part of Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant, you’ll need to have solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall installed in order to sign up to Tesla’s retail partner, Octopus Energy.  Benefits include reducing bills (more on this in a moment), protection against possible power-cuts and transferring solar-power to support the grid when needed. This all adds to leading a sustainable lifestyle; by making these changes, you are contributing to the preservation of our world by reducing pollution and greenhouse gases through using renewable energy. It is hoped that many others will follow suit.


Contributing to the conservation of our planet is key and saving money along the way is a bonus and Tesla can help you achieve both. Customers are offered one of the lowest flat electricity rates by joining the Virtual Power Plant. Savings of up to 75% can be achieved on your energy bills in comparison to the 6 largest energy providers in the UK.

Our customer Richard Hawkes shared his data and savings with Tesla here and boasts a negative utility bill in the summer months.

Rooftop Solar Panels & The Powerwall Battery System

Rooftop solar panels play their part by generating power for your home, along with any extra power stored in Powerwall batteries, or power that has been transferred to the grid. Tesla’s smart energy management system will make sure that any energy stored or sold to the grid will be done so at peak times when the demand for power is at its highest. This in turn reduces the need for fossil fuels on the grid.

Tesla’s Powerwall Battery system also contributes to your home’s power, whatever the weather! That’s correct, sunlight is not required, and your Powerwall will allow your solar panels to continue producing energy even during a power-cut; you can easily manage this system through the Tesla app. The app allows you to closely monitor how your electricity flows between your home, Tesla Powerwall, solar panels, and the national grid. This is clearly displayed through graphs and animations so you can see energy consumption and generation, as well as its movement.

If you’re looking for more information or have any questions about the Tesla Virtual Power Plant visit this page for more details.

Explore Octopus Tariffs.

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