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TLGEC Renewable Energy: Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Surrounding Areas

At The Little Green Energy Company, it’s important to us that our customers can trust us and the work we do. This is why we’re proud to be endorsed by The Solar Nation, a nation-wide network of certified solar panel installers local to you, with a certified stamp of approval. 

The Solar Nation have created The Solar Nation Assured Installer Network that customers can use to find trusted and reputable solar panel installers close to their area. The Solar Nation Assured Installer Network have over 500 years of combined trading history, and over 10,000 years of combined experience amongst their employees, so customers know that when they are working with an Solar Nation approved installer they are working with people they can trust. The Solar Nation are breaking open the world of solar power, and are bringing customers decades of experience and a dedicated pool of resources, as well as seasoned local solar professionals at their disposal. 

We spoke with Kevin, founder of the Solar Nation, on how he chooses which companies to bring into his network, and the importance of creating a nation-wide network of trusted solar panel providers. 

How do you choose what companies you work with at the Solar Nation?

First and foremost, the companies have to have a good reputation and be established. I look at their LinkedIn profiles, reviews, and proceed to make contact with them. Once I have established a connection, I follow the company with interest. Some I invite on board, others respond to LinkedIn posts. All are personally vetted, and most are within my network which has been built up over 16 years in the solar panel industry. 

Why do you endorse The Little Green Energy Company?

I like the open and honest, no nonsense approach they have on the public facing media they produce. 

How can potential customers know they can trust you and the companies you endorse?

When people see my website and look at my documented history in this industry, they trust me from the start. The Solar Nation network was originally a lead sharing idea where myself and others can pass leads to companies we trust to conduct the work in the same manner we would if they were our clients, but due to distance, we could not work with them. 

What is something you’d like all homeowners thinking of investing in solar panels to know?

There is no one size fits all and each system should be designed to the client’s personal specifications after a consultation. Batteries don’t catch fire, and solar is always the solution!

Why do you think Solar Nation, and the work you’re trying to accomplish, is important in the solar and renewable energy industry?

For years, it’s been hard to pass a potential client to another company when they are too far from our core operating area. By having a trusted network, we can be assured that people will be dealt with in the correct manner. There are far too many cowboys who pop up every time there is a boom in the industry, and the public can be blinded by the numbers and false promises. What we all offer is a service. Good customer service is essential and our vetting means that those listed have answered all that we ask; that is to treat every customer as if they were a family member. 

We’re trying to raise standards, and to get the public to find their local solar installer. If we an educate the public at the same time through the website blogs and social media, then that can only help raise the image of the industry and that of The Solar Nation Assured Installer Network.

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