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TLGEC Renewable Energy: Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Surrounding Areas

Is this the turning of the tides for solar growth?

Visualisation of proposed Cleve Hill Solar Park. Photograph: Cleve Hill

Visualisation of proposed Cleve Hill Solar Park. Photograph: Cleve Hill

Solar use is breaking records. Last month on April 20th, solar generation reached the highest peak almost a year since its last record. On this date, solar was meeting almost 30% of UK electricity demand.

This peak comes as news of the UK’s largest solar farm is set to be located in our corner of the UK. Due to receive consent by the end of the month, the solar farm will be home to 900,000 solar panels and generate renewal electricity to power 91,000 homes in the county.

Kent Solar Farm will be the Largest in the UK

Located outside of Faversham in Kent, the Cleve Hill solar farm would begin generating power by 2023, just 2 years after development is planned to begin.

A project like this speaks volumes to the commitment of the government in reaching carbon neutral status by 2050. With a 179% increase solar power capacity predicted by 2030, the 2050 vision may not be that out of reach.

Solar Power for Homeowners

With any large change to how we live, there tends to be a considerable amount of time for the tide to turn in adoption. We’ve experienced it with electric cars for example. As solar pv technology has developed, we’ve noticed the uptake among domestic and even commercial businesses increase. Just last month we’ve been in Surrey, Hadlow in Kent and Croydon installing solar pv and battery storage for domestic homeowners. We’ve also installed commercial solar pv solutions in Strood, Kent and Redhill, Surrey.

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