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Before & After: Guernsey Solar PV Installation

Did you see our snazzy before and after image of the largest Solar PV installation in the Channel Islands, which was carried out by our Guernsey Team recently?

If not, here is it… drag the slider to the left and reveal the largest solar installation in the Channel Islands.

Before Our Team Got BusyVery Proud Of This Project!

Looking After Our Planet is a Team Effort

Our TLGEC team in Guernsey have just​ installed this 309 panel, roof mounted commercial solar system at the Guernsey power station, Northside, Vale. We worked for Guernsey Electricity on this project, which is the largest solar array in the Channel Islands, generating over 100kWp of power.

We used the best components available:

The job was installed using our local installers, which took just over a week to complete. The 101.04kWp system will generate 119,573kWh per year.

All of the ‘clean’ energy generated will go directly into Guernseys energy mix and be used to supply the island alongside the cable from France. This will also help to reduce the amount of ‘dirty’ energy used by diesel generators.

Here are a few more photos:

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Click here for the full story & installation videos

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